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Premier Med Health Center

Premier Med Health Center is special in the Central European region with its unique tools and expertise for thyroid nodular patients and for those who live with varicose vein problems.

In the heart of Buda, we provide our patients exclusive environment equipped with the most advanced technology. Our Medical Team members agree that medicine is a vocation, they are all well-known and listed among the best experts in the country.
Premier Med team believes in simple, guiding principles such as professional and personal values.
"We would like to be among the best providers of health care services where the patients are well prepared, arrive without fears and depart satisfied.", Andras Gat, owner says.

If you write us through our reservation form our colleagues will reply within 24 hours, or will get in touch with you on the following working day.



Our services

Thyrold gland treatment

Has your endocrinologist diagnosed you with insufficient thyroid function? Do you live with nodules in your thyroid? Are you concerned about anaesthesia, scar tissue on your neck or a lengthy hospital stay?

Our institution offers you an alternative: we provide RadioFrequency Ablation therapy backed by equipment and expertise unique in the region to treat benign thyroid nodules (strumas).

Vascular surgery

Varicose veins may cause pathological circulation putting a lot of strain on the whole body, therefore it is necessary to cut off these vein sections from the circulation.

In our Health Centre we provide Endovenous Radiofrequency Ablation backed by state-of-the-art tools and many decades of professional expertise to help those with varicose vein problems.

Fibroadenoma treatment

Have you been diagnosed with benign breast tumor? Are you concerned about annual follow-up examinations? Are you afraid of an open surgery?

As an alternative solution, our Health Centre offers the regionally unique cryoablation therapy (freezing), allowing our patients to have their fibroadenomas treated effectively without being cut or having to go under general anaesthetic.